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Embedded Database with Zonky


For integration testing, it has become common practice to use an H2 or a Docker container of the connected database. Another option is an embedded database. This has the advantage of being just as close to the productive database as a corresponding Docker container. At the same time, however, a container is no longer required and test execution is a bit more performant.


For Java projects, there is the project Zonky. This originally emerged as a fork from OpenTable Embedded PostgreSQL Component. Zonky supports embedded PostgreSQL DBs in integration testing. This version also spawned a version for the Spring project. See an example of how to embed Zonky in your integration tests in the following code snippets.


Zonky supports these data providers:

  • Docker
  • Zonky
  • OpenTable
  • Yandex

All data providers support PostgreSQL. Docker additionally supports MSSQL, MySQL and MariaDB.

Liquibase as well as Flyway can be used normally.

Maven integration:


Test using an embedded DB provided by Zonky:

@AutoConfigureEmbeddedDatabase          //Annotation of Zonky which leads the test to use an embedded DB
public class RepoIT {

    private Repository repo;

    public void ZonkyTest() {
        User user = new User(1, "Vorname", "Nachname");
        Optional<User> found = repo.findById(user.getId());

Config in application.xml:

zonky.test.database.type=auto                # Possible values: AUTO, POSTGRES, MSSQL, MYSQL, MARIADB, H2
zonky.test.database.provider=default         # Possible values: DEFAULT, DOCKER, ZONKY, OPENTABLE, YANDEX, EMBEDDED
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Further Aspects


Author: Patrick Hiesinger / Software Architect / Office Leipzig

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