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jambit – where innovation works
Software service provider from Germany – In Munich, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Erfurt and Yerevan

Every single day, we pursue the objective of inspiring our customers and employees 100 %. Therefore, we lead demanding software projects to success professionally while keeping the atmosphere, motivation and dynamics of the New Economy. Through the use of latest technologies as well as classic and agile methods of software development and project management, we deliver our customers innovative, tailor-made software solutions – always true to the motto: on time, in budget, at highest quality.

Our open company culture promotes our achievements, since only inspired employees can inspire customers! Technical challenges and exciting further training opportunities play just as much a role as the promotion of the jambit-spirit and the realization of personal interests.

And of course, everything becomes easier if the day is started with a good cup of jambit-coffee


Coffee story

At the end of 1999, our two founders Peter Fellinger and Markus Hartinger sat together over a cup of cappuccino in their favorite coffee shop „kaffee & mehr“ at the Viktualienmarkt. In search of an appropriate name for their new company, they leafed through a coffee manual. In the book, the name “jambit” was mentioned: It was stated that it was the best coffee plantation on the Indonesian island of Java. The name included "IT ", no similar entries were registered in search engines, domains were available – it was a done deal!

Of course, they were intrigued by the idea of actually tasting this legendary coffee. The search for the plantation turned out to be quite difficult, and only the information provided by a travel guide about Indonesia that also "Jampit" or even "Djampit" were correct phonetic transcriptions in the Indonesian language led them to the legendary volcanic plateau on the isle of Java.

Since that time, original, unblended coffee has been regularly imported from the Jampit plantation to be freshly roasted by hand in Munich especially for jambit.


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Neue GF


Peter F. Fellinger, Dipl.-Inf.

Owner & CEO

… at jambit, he is responsible for Strategic Management as well as Sales, Marketing and Project Development.

Franz Haßlberger, Dipl.-Psych.


… at jambit, he is responsible for Strategic Management as well as HR, Marketing and Project Development.

Markus Hartinger, Dipl.-Inf.

Owner & CEO

… at jambit, he is responsible for Strategic Management as well as HR, Finance and Infrastructure.

Thomas Rottach, Dipl.-Inf.


… at jambit, he is responsible for Strategic Management as well as Sales, Finance and Infrastructure.

Office locations

From 2 to several hundred employees, from a small apartment to thousands of square meters high tech office: Since its founding in 1999, jambit continues to grow. In five offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Erfurt and Yerevan/Armenia, our jambitees develop individual software solutions.

Corporate principles

Fair Play

Towards customers and employees, we put emphasis on a cooperative partnership based on honesty, openness and trust.


We do not accept projects for the military or tobacco industry and distance ourselves explicitly from racism, child labor and morally reprehensible business practices. We act sustainably and protect our environment.

Customer Focus

Each employee speaks the customers’ language and understands their wishes and requirements – our working methods are flexibly adapted to it.

Enthused Customers

Customer satisfaction is not enough for us: We promise 100 % customer enthusiasm, which we reach through technical and interpersonal competence and optimally adapted processes.

Performance & Appearance

Each and every day, through their competent performances and effective results, our employees reaffirm jambit's good reputation and our customers' trust.

Innovation & Creativity

To transform our customers‘ visions into reality and to develop ourselves continuously, we encourage creative freedom and an innovation culture.

Fair Leadership Style

In order to achieve our common goals, all employees cooperate trustfully within the framework of a flexible and friendly management concept.

Top Employees

Our employees fulfill highest demands concerning their technical expertise as well as their communication and team skills. They receive regular further trainings on a qualitatively high level.

Team Spirit

Cooperativeness, trust, openness towards criticism and fun: We actively promote our employees’ cohesion and team spirit – in their everyday project work as well as in their leisure time.


Each employee at jambit thinks and acts self-responsibly and cost-consciously, convinced that profits are necessary in order to preserve and further develop the company.

Company history

2023 - Into a new era with a dual leadership

Peter F. Fellinger and Markus Hartinger created the groundwork for the success of the software service provider when they founded jambit in 1999. As a team of four, they are now stepping into the future. Longtime colleagues Franz Haßlberger and Thomas Rottach will join the management team as of April 1, 2023.

2021 - New office in Yerevan in Armenia

jambit goes international: Since May 2021, Armenian developers are supporting jambit's projects from various industries out of Yerevan. Once again, this jambit office is very centrally located in the city center and offers an open and communicative environment.

2018 - New office in Leipzig

Welcome to jambit in Leipzig! In the heart of the city center, jambit is opening a new development office on 280 square meters. The software developer supports exciting software projects and drives the digital transformation of our customers.

2018 - jambit officially awarded as "Great Place to Work"

Right at the first try jambit is named as one of the "Best Employers 2018" – in Germany, in the industry competition ITK and in the state of Bavaria. Thank's to the independent Great Place to Work Institute confirming our internal mood barometer of the jambitees.

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