User-centered Design

User Centered Design

Why is user-centered design important for your company?

User-centered design puts the user in the focus of a digital product. Different design processes and research techniques are important tools for it. They ensure that the wishes and needs of users are integrated into all phases of product development.

What initially sounds like extra work, offers companies clear advantages. UCD can make your products better. A seamless user experience (UX) increases the commercial success.

That's why we develop products that combine technical requirements and user needs.

Such products increase your client's incentive to buy, their satisfaction and their loyalty to your brand - and thus also your sales.

The development costs are further reduced. Constant iterations and user tests allow problems to be identified and solved at an early stage.

Would you like to benefit financially from a solid UX strategy?

Let’s explore how, when and where we can support you to improve your products and put users in the foreground as the most important source of inspiration.

We can help you with this

Starting shot Ideation

Finding ideas for new products isn’t that easy in everyday business life. Would you like to conquer the market with a new digital product? But the right idea for your market is missing? No problem, our jambit design team has the solution.

In this phase of the design thinking process, we use various techniques, methods and formats. This is how we structure the ideation output.

In the joint design thinking workshop with you, we focus on generating ideas. We draw on market analyses, identify market trends and the needs of your clients. The result is two to three ideas that are reworked on a mood board.

Design Sprint

Design sprint

Would you like to expand your digital product portfolio? We can help you with this as part of a design sprint. This agile framework is perfect for finding a client-centric solution for your digital product.

Together with you, we go through five phases - from problem identification and outlining possible solutions up to a prototype.

This click dummy is the output of our design sprint. Users provide feedback in various tests. This is used to decide whether and how the prototype will become the final product.

UI/UX audit

A UI/UX audit helps to improve an existing product. Our audit provides detailed information on both the user experience and the user interface (design of the user interface).

We evaluate your product according to WCAG standards and ISO guidelines for user-friendliness, usefulness, quality and accessibility. We also conduct a user study.

The evaluation of this provides clear action measures for your product. In our evaluation you will find a list with detailed suggestions for improvement (with effort estimation) and an accessibility assessment.

UX/UI Audit

Our services in user-centered design

Why jambit?

360° Service

As a software service provider for individual software solutions, we offer our clients the complete package: development, design, and operations – all from a single source, through close interlinking of both fields from the start of the project.

An important part of our approach is to make the implementation in the design phase as frictionless as possible. To achieve this, we create the design system according to the appropriate framework conditions.

Focus on the user

Our User-centered design team creates and tests (low and high fidelity prototype) concepts for usability and user acceptance right from the start. Features are constantly tested and in this way, we guarantee product development according to user needs.

Our design is based on hypotheses that are developed together with the POs and the DEV team. The assumptions are based on experience and market analyses. We transfer these into empathy maps, which serve as the basis for the user stories.

Iterative work

We work closely as a team with product owners and requirement engineers according to the Scrum framework. In this way, we ensure that product development is as efficient as possible.

Our goal is to create sustainable and user-friendly products. Naturally, these should function in an intercultural context and have appropriate accessibility. For this reason, we prefer to use design systems that we either construct ourselves or develop further.

User Centered Design Team

The design team

We are open, diverse and passionate.

We treat each other with respect and take responsibility - towards our clients, colleagues, talents and our environment.

We shape and develop our company according to our own ideas. With our work, we want to help you take your digital product in a new direction. We bring cross-industry experience, professional expertise and 100% enthusiasm to the table.

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Aysegül Karakus, Team Lead User Centered Design, jambit GmbH

Aysegül Karakus

Team Lead User Centered Design

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