Customer: Federal Office for Freight Transport (BAG)
Project: Software system for the inspection of motor vehicles

Ein BAG-Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit
Der Screen der BAG-Software
  • Mobile inspectors carry out the roadside inspection services and ensure the proper and secure use of motorways
  • Development of a distributed software system and integration of diverse tools from the digital camera to the payment terminal
  • Completely new development of the system by jambit according to V-model XT
  • Iterative and incremental approach for defining user interfaces from use case diagrams to usability tests
  • Complete system design for the client/server system with UML
  • Intelligent networking of the 300 mobile units, 8 branches and the central office including the handling of administrative offences and tracking the receipt of money in the pay office within one system
  • Creating training documents and carrying out trainings considering the users different points of views
  • Employment of innovative and expandable technologies: Eclipse rich client platform, web services, XML, Hibernate, Axis, UMTS/GPRS, certificate and authentication

Due to the agile and professional project management of jambit, it was possible to master the frequently changing requirements and to realize the system in close cooperation with the technical departments.

B. S., Federal Office for Goods Transport


  • Increase of the annual inspections to more than 800,000 motor vehicles
  • Enhancing the efficiency and operational quality for the entire control process
  • Successful reproduction of the widely distributed processes without causing media breaks
  • The employment of agile software development processes makes it possible to fulfill highly dynamic requirements and allows the integration of all stake holders
  • Minimizing care and handling costs while simultaneously guaranteeing the working capacity and the availability of the systems
  • Successful update and rollout planning

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