Customer: BMW Group
Project: MINI Augmented Vision

The vision: Augmented reality glasses which project visual information via transparent displays into the driver’s field of vision, thus making the ride safer and more comfortable

  • Support of research and decision making on the way to developing a trade fair demonstrator
  • Conception and implementation of an architecture and a communication protocol for several distributed components of the vehicle
  • Integration of a visual tracking system for detection of the driver’s head position
  • Augmentation of the vehicle interior: Presentation of a head-up display showing speed, navigation and speed limit information
  • 3D augmentation of the outside world: Indication of the course of the route as well as notices about points of interest and parking lots on the street
  • Transparent vehicle parts: Superimposition of the passenger door with real-time videos of an external camera
  • Selection of travel destinations through event posters
  • Pedestrian navigation from the parking lot to the final destination
  • Development of an Android app for the augmented reality glasses

The professional competence and the high commitment of jambit’s employees as well as the flexibility and short development cycles due to the agile development process have contributed substantially to bringing such an ambitious, innovative project in highest quality to the Auto Show Shanghai.

J. P., BMW Group


  • Demonstration of completely new augmented reality functions
  • Marketing success through the presentation at the Auto Show Shanghai and extensive press coverage
  • Very high customer satisfaction and positive feedback from the BMW Group top management
  • Compliance with a very ambitious timetable
  • Flexible adaptations to changing specifications caused by parallel hardware development
  • Successful cross-company collaboration with further software and hardware subcontractors in the scope of an agile Scrum process

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