Customer: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Project: Migration and further development of the news portal FAZ.NET

  • Conception and implementation of the cloud-based operating environment by Microsoft Azure for the Content Management System (CMS) Polopoly by Atex
  • Detailed analysis of the existing platform incl. Proof of Concept in the target environment
  • Reorganization of the infrastructure and the interfaces to external systems
  • Introduction of Infrastructure As Code (configuration management, automated deployment)
  • Migration of the CMS and the complete content to the cloud of Microsoft Azure
  • Operational responsibility and 24/7 support of the website and the online editing
  • Cross-functional Scrum team for operations, day-to-day business and the continuous further development of the portal
  • Flexibly implementable project teams for comprehensive technical tasks
  • jambit as general contractor with multi-year term
  • Applied software technologies: Polopoly CMS, MySQL Galery Cluster, Apache httpd +, Tomcat, Varnish Cache, SOLR, NGINX+, Zabbix, ELK-Stack, Grafana
  • Applied platform technologies: Microsoft Azure, Linux

With this extremely demanding project, we broke new ground. jambit has mastered all challenges with great commitment and did not get discouraged by backlashes. Now, we have a future-proof system which even masters demanding news situations quickly and flexibly.

M. S., Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


  • Successful introduction of a future-proof platform for one of the world’s leading news portals
  • Takeover and stabilization of the legacy system until the Go-Live
  • Zero downtime migration
  • Short-term scalability in case of peak loads
  • Load capacity of >500.000 requests/minute
  • Fully automated deployment and disaster recovery
  • Fine-grained and centralized monitoring and alarming of all systems
  • Complete cost transparency of the operations
  • Successful implementation of demanding further development projects on time, in budget, at highest quality

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